Paul was endorsed by the East Bay Times for El Cerrito City Council


At the El Cerrito City Council meeting, Paul made the following statement in support of Measure B:

I want to make a couple points about the local library measure here in El Cerrito.

First, for those who find negativity and boogeymen everywhere in Measure B – I want to ask the following question:
Does anyone think that whatever plan is brought back to this city council will NOT get a broad, open, transparent and detailed public review process?

I personally would like to see a plan that

  • will cost less than $30 Million;
  • will be close to transit, and
  • will have community spaces for the city to rent out to raise revenue.

But I know whatever plan is brought back to the Council, our citizens will get a good scrutiny and our citizens will let us know if it is good for our city. I know that I am for that sort of transparent review — and those on the council are for that, and those running for city council are for that. We don’t have to defeat this measure to assure some kind of scrutiny in some future year. That will just result in precious lost time.

Second, We do a lot of talking about bringing jobs and housing and new businesses to El Cerrito…investing in this town to make it better. A real 21st Century library needs to be a part of that same investment plan so we can rightfully attract all the businesses and jobs and housing developers we talk so much about.

A library shouldn’t be separate from the economic development goals we care so much about – it must be a part of it.
Defeating Measure B will only push our economic development goals further down the road – along with the library this city deserves.

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