Paul Fadelli City Council – Ballot Statement

I am running for re-election to the El Cerrito City Council. I grew up here. I know what this city used to be like and how far we’ve come. As Mayor Pro Tem, I also know the challenges that still lie ahead as we grow and change.

Our number one priority must be to make our city finances solvent. Twelve years since the 2008 recession, we must correct our financial path by balancing our budget, building our reserves and increasing our city revenues. That’s why, in support of our General Fund, I helped lead efforts to pass Measure V to raise millions for our City, and was instrumental in passing Measure H to separately support our parks & pools.

Covid-19 and the death of George Floyd present new challenges. We must protect tenants and small landlords from eviction crises, and review and change local police policies and personnel that can harm residents. If re-elected, I will also continue to expand fire prevention and response, work to reduce congestion and plastic waste, enhance local arts and businesses, and assure future plans for a new library and changes at the Plaza BART station include adequate input from our residents.

Last year, I helped bring holiday tree lights to the Plaza and along San Pablo Avenue. Many residents told me the lights made them feel good and proud of our city.

I ask for your vote so I may continue to be GOOD for El Cerrito and make you proud of your city.

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