Now Voting for Equity

At the September 21, 2021 El Cerrito City Council Meeting the Council passed a motion I made to make sure that staff and Council members consider “equity” when we also make policy for our city.

During the year, the Council votes on a variety of issues which come before the body and this process is guided by Council Agendas which are public documents. Each Agenda for consideration, and a possible vote, usually contain the sections “Finance,””Legal,” Environmental” and “Strategic Goals” to consider before voting for a policy or budget change.

Mayor Paul Fadelli and daughter Christina

My request for Council, which was agreed to, will change the process of how the city reviews and considers issues, resolutions and recommendations which come before staff and City Council by including “Equity Considerations” to Agenda items which may be relevant. It will also require the City’s Human Relations Commission to develop a plan for El Cerrito so that equity will be part and parcel of all aspects of our city government.

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