Lights For El Cerrito

The El Cerrito Plaza and the City of El Cerrito are discussing the possibility of holiday lights in our downtown area. We can make this happen…

Light Up El Cerrito!

By Paul Fadelli El Cerrito city council member

El Cerrito’s business district may be headed toward a brighter holiday season this year.

Discussions are ongoing to once again deck out El Cerrito Plaza with holiday lights. Also, the city is also considering putting winter lights on its now mature trees on a block or two of the Theater District along San Pablo Avenue.

When I grew up here many years ago, the El Cerrito Plaza was always decked out with lights in December — making us want to hang out there longer, buy things, and eat at the restaurants. What a concept; nice to look at and good for business!

Last year I noticed how great the top of Fairmount Avenue looked with lights during the holidays. And the oak tree in the roundabout in lower Kensington was stunning. But once again, nothing in El Cerrito to highlight our main business area.

By talking to the owners of the Plaza, the city and the businesses along San Pablo Avenue, I found good support for making these areas more distinctive during the holidays.

The El Cerrito Chamber of Commerce works hard to encourage a greater business climate for our residents. So let’s support efforts to light up El Cerrito.

At a reasonable cost, I believe both the Plaza and the city can encourage important place making at El Cerrito’s southern gateway while supporting our important business district.

Editor’s note: The El Cerrito Chamber of Commerce recently approved council member Fadelli’s idea for holiday lighting and will provide as much support as possible to get it done.


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