Lessons of a Post-Covid World

We’ve all been stressed out for a long time -– as the never-in-our-lifetime news keeps on coming:  Covid-19 with the resulting casualties and isolation, the economic meltdown, unemployment, the tragedy of George Floyd – and the ongoing horrific actions of President Trump — just to mention a few.

There will  be a post-Covid-19 world — and a time when El Cerrito gets beyond its fiscal problems.  And that’s when we have to focus on what we’ve learned and then change the way we do things going forward:  

  • first responders identified inequities in housing, health insurance and employment that became so evident during the coronavirus epidemic;
  • all communities should review police tactics, policies and funding as public safety evolves;
  • broadband and internet services for every neighborhood must be a national goal with increased online schooling, work and telemedicine from home now a necessity; 
  • safety net systems to better protect tenants and small landlords must be in place;
  • city planning must prioritize people who walk and bike, and public transit must have reliable funding and better methods to keep vehicles clean.

I am proud of what I’ve done as an El Cerrito City Councilmember.  I am running for re-election in my home town to get El Cerrito back on track, to build our reserves and protect against potential wildfires which could devastate our city.  But I also want to speak out regionally and in the state on the changes that we should all be working toward in a post Covid-19 world.

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