Help Us Fight Against Hate Crimes

In October, El Cerrito’s City Council declared a “United Against Hate Week” — just as it has every year since 2017. That incident on Arlington Blvd. against an African-American family spurred the city to take action, put our police on high alert and encouraged the public to put up signs condemning hate.

Sadly, it is even more important now that our city take a similar stand, because local hate crimes have not decreased — but increased. Recently, incidents in our community have included a disparaging symbol on a Jewish family’s home and abuse toward a transgender employee at the Plaza. Other hate crimes are sadly on the rise in our state and across the nation.

We must fight back. Our police remain on high alert to find and prosecute those who commit hate crimes here. But to once again proclaim hate crimes out-of-bounds in our city, our Mayor and City Council have asked residents, businesses and the Chamber to show that El Cerrito will not put up with such illegal actions.

Please join the campaign against hate by putting an “El Cerrito Stands United Against Hate” poster visibly in your window. Let everyone see! Posters can be picked up in the entry of City Hall. I can also deliver a sign to you if you contact me at:

Councilmember Paul Fadelli is Council liaison to the El Cerrito Human Relations Commission

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