Help Us Celebrate July 4th Together Again–When We Need It Most

by El Cerrito Councilmember Paul Fadelli

El Cerrito’s July 4th Festival has grown over the years from a small simple event at the community center parking lot and Portola school black top to a full-blown world class festival — with live music, rides, booths, food trucks and very special vibes in the East Bay. For many In El Cerrito the annual City of El Cerrito/worldOne Festival has been a time to relax, rejoice and recreate — with banners flying high, friends nearby and the sound of children laughing at every turn. It was a day every year not only to be proud of our country, but also to be proud of our city.

But the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the festival to be put on hold — just when we needed it the most. With necessary and difficult budget decisions over the past two years, the City Council also decided that for the immediate future, we must have a 4th of July event that is cost-neutral and supported by volunteer and sponsorship efforts.

It’s time to take on these efforts.  It’s time to come together again!

We are looking to raise $50,000 in local funds, through corporate sponsorships and individual donations, to re-establish our July 4th festival within the next two years — hopefully in 2022 if possible

We are seeking proud sponsorship partners for the July 4th event and will provide corporate branding opportunities for those who contribute at specific contribution levels. If you’re a local business or retailer who cares about this community, please consider reaching out to your customers in this pro-community way by sponsoring a very visible event that has defined El Cerrito over the past couple decades. Your investment will be felt and cherished by thousands of grateful local residents and neighbors who look forward to this event each summer.

Can you help? Or can you recommend someone who will?

For local residents who also want to contribute, an active fundraising webpage is located online at Funds collected can only be used for a July 4th event, and if we are unable to have a celebration this year, the funds will only be used for future July 4th events.

Isn’t it time to feel good again? And isn’t it time to help our City get back on track by supporting the City of El Cerrito / worldOne 4th of July Festival we have all loved for so long?

Please let me, Mayor Quinto, or any Councilmember know via our city email addresses (mine is if you would like to be a sponsor and we will get back to you with how to make that happen.  For more information on the City of El Cerrito & worldOne 4th of July Festival, please visit our website at   

Thanks for your help. Let’s do this — and let’s celebrate again!

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