Getting El Cerrito Back on Track

2020 has brought so many challenges we never imagined. Many more problems lie ahead.

Even before the Coronavirus outbreak earlier this year, and its resulting economic downturn and job losses, our past budgetary decisions in El Cerrito set the stage for a tough course ahead. Recent actions on the budget and service cuts are beginning to get El Cerrito back on track. But it sure won’t be easy.

I ran 4 years ago to make my home town a better place. We now have to face the facts that, going forward, there won’t be funding for new initiatives for quite some time. Over $6 million in cuts this year may be just the beginning, as we monitor the evolving health, economic and justice crises in our community, state and nation. We are going to have to tighten our belt, focus on raising revues and organize volunteer efforts where we can.

El Cerrito’s greatest asset, of many, is its residents — so we can do this!

I won’t have answers to all the new challenges that face us. But I promise to continue to work hard on behalf our residents and be accessible. With past jobs in Washington and Sacramento capitols, the private sector and at BART, I want to stay focused here locally and do my best to 1) establish a sustainable financial path forward, 2) assure justice and safety for our residents, 3) protect against fires and 4) eventually restore services that El Cerritans have come to expect.

Thank you for your consideration to rehire me as one of your Councilmembers.

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