El Cerrito Council Continues to Consider Tenant Protections for City

El Cerrito is working toward  possible actions on tenant protections being addressed as part of an overall Affordable Housing Strategy.

In February, we had the largest crowd ever to City Hall to discuss how certain actions might change our city.  And again, at our meeting in March we had a good crowd giving their views on how landlords and tenants might be impacted but certain proposed ordinances.

The Bay Area has received national attention for our housing shortage and high rents.  I am proud that El Cerrito has moved aggressively to build new housing to address this shortage.  We must also address issues relating to tenant displacements and the higher costs of living here.

No final Council ordinances have been voted on yet, but we directed staff to provide more information later this year and to establish a special task force so El Cerrito landlords and tenants could together further discuss local concerns and possibly make recommendations to City Council.   These issues may include ways to enhance landlord-tenant relationships, relocation costs, anti-gouging efforts, developing a rent registry, Just Cause evictions, landlord and tenant legal assistance and more.  There seemed to be a special effort to address and protect the small “Mom and Pop” housing providers at the last Council meeting.

If you couldn’t attend on March 5, you can watch that Council meeting by clicking this link:


I hope we continue to have good discussions and deliberations as the process to possibly draft new city ordinances moves forward.

Paul Fadelli

El Cerrito City Councilmember

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