El Cerrito City Council meeting, Paul made the following statement in support of Measure B


This Council has set in motion a flexible option for this city to proceed toward plans for a safe and modern library.  It will be up to the voters to decide whether to take that path on Nov. 8th.

Nothing is final or in concrete in Measure B — not the location, not the final cost.  But there will be plenty of scrutiny on any option or proposal that is brought back to this council should Measure B succeed.  If it does succeed, it will be another positive step toward filling the full service library void that this city has had for many years,

Many of you know how hard it is to always finance public infrastructure…there is never an easy path for adequate funding – look at HSR, you will hear about BART’s needs tonight – and look at the lack of courage in our state legislature to come up with long term funding for our streets, roads and transit.

It takes courage to take a stand and move a goal forward.  I support Measure B so our city can leverage its ability to find and finance a new library.  We should let the voters decide if they agree with this approach and I look forward to working  to get this done with great public involvement.

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